Features & Technical Specifications

Product Features

  • Only ventilated wire solution designed for migration fence applications.
  • Lowest labor cost of set-up available.
  • NO assembly, NO hardware, NO connectors or stands required.
  • Self-supporting and stable — simply overlap sections to lock together.
  • Design allows cutouts for water lines without losing structural integrity.
  • Maximizes airflow in the house.
  • Stacks easily for compact, safe storage during changeovers.
  • Saves labor, time and energy costs.


  • Starting at one side of the house, layout lengths overlapping 4" – 6" between sections to lock in. (More than 6" is acceptable to avoid cutting and does not reduce ventilation properties).
  • Water & Feed lines – Cut out vertical wires and top cross wire to drop in water and feed lines.

Product Specifications


  • Vfence™ migration fences are coated with a hybrid epoxy that is non-porous, non-absorbent. Durable finish allows for easy cleaning.
  • The epoxy coating is electro statically applied and then oven cured to provide continuous coverage on all surfaces at 3 – 5 mils thickness.
  • Epoxy is the most durable coating available, environmentally safe with no harmful PVC’s of VOC’s.


  • All fencing is comprised of Grade C 1008 cold drawn steel rod PCY 100,000 tensile strength.
  • Line wires are .160 in. (4.0 mm) and cross wires are .091 (2.3 mm) at a gap distance of .53 in. (13.4 mm).
Designed for the Poultry Industry
Vfence cuts easily to allow water line cutouts.
Stacks easily
Vfence technical drawing