THE Humane Migration Fence System™

The easiest ventilated migration fencing system that saves you time and money.

  • Improves airflow and circulation for better temperature control, eliminating hot-spots, resulting in lower utility bills and a healthier, more consistent product.
  • Bird friendly design so birds are always visible.
  • Stability - The patented design stays in place without cumbersome stands or stakes saving you set-up time and money.
  • Will NOT bow or buckle as birds reach full size.
  • Versatility - Easily modify for feeders and water lines.
  • Interlocking sections allow for quick set-up without any additional hardware or accessories.
  • Stackable design allows for easy storage in a small space or hang on walls for faster changeovers.
Vfence™ is designed for the unique needs of the Poultry Industry.

About Us

Our parent company has been in business for over 95 years and during the past four decades manufacturing closet organization products.
A few years ago it was discovered that the Poultry Industry was using our wire closet-shelving for Migration Fencing in broiler houses.

After looking into this unique application and working with experts within the poultry industry, suggestions were made to redesign the closet shelf into a cost effective, “free-standing” migration fence, specifically suited for use in broiler houses that not only benefit the Integrator and Growers, but also improves the humane treatment of the bird itself.

Thus, Vfence™ was hatched!

See Vfence™ in Action